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    Classical Artists2012-03-01专辑《Classical Masterpieces By Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Classical Masterpieces By Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2012-03-01 唱片公司: 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: The Nutcracker: Waltz of the Flowers Swan Lake, Op. 20: Scene: Odette and the Swans return to the lake Serenade for Strings in C major, Op. 48: I. Pezzo in...
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    Classical Artists2009-04-06专辑《100 Best 20th Century Classics CD6》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:100 Best 20th Century Classics CD6 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2009-04-06 唱片公司: 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍...
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    Classical Artists2012-03-01专辑《Classical Masterpieces By Wilhelm Richard Wagner》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Classical Masterpieces By Wilhelm Richard Wagner 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2012-03-01 唱片公司: 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: Tristan und Isolde: Act I: Prelude Die Walkure: Act III Scene 1: Ride of the Valkyries Der Fliegende Hollander: Overture Tannhauser: Overture (瓦格纳:瑟传说:前奏曲)...
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    Classical Artists2009-01-20专辑《Handel Greatest Hits》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Handel Greatest Hits 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2009-01-20 唱片公司: 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: Fireworks Music, Concerto Grosso No. 26 In D Major II. Bourree Fireworks Music, Concerto Grosso No. 26 In D Major IV. La Rejouissance Allegro Fireworks Music, Concerto Grosso No. 26 In D...
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    Classical Artists2008-01-27专辑《40 Most Beautiful Winter Classics》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:40 Most Beautiful Winter Classics 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2008-01-27 唱片公司:华纳唱片 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: Le Quattro Stagioni [The Four Seasons], Violin Concerto In F Minor Op.8 No.4 R297, 'Winter' I Allegro Non Molto Le Quattro Stagioni [The Four Seasons], Violin Concerto In...
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    Classical Artists2012-10-22专辑《The Art Song Collection》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:The Art Song Collection 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2012-10-22 唱片公司: 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: On Wenlock Edge (威廉姆斯:在洛克旁边) Aus Goethes Faust (来自歌德的浮士德) Metamorphoses: Reine des mouettes (普兰克:变形记:女王的海鸥) A Fine Lady (罗斯:一个漂亮的女士) Oh! Quand je dors (哦!当我入睡时) Lourd On My Hert...
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    Classical Artists2013-07-16专辑《111 Amazing Classical: Cello》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:111 Amazing Classical: Cello 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2013-07-16 唱片公司: 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 《111 Amazing Classical: Cello》是Various artists在2013年7月16日发行的专辑。 曲目列表: Concerto in B Minor for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 104: III. Finale. Allegro moderato Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major...
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    Classical Artists2013-06-30专辑《Classical Greats: Corelli (经典巨星:科雷利)》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Classical Greats: Corelli (经典巨星:科雷利) 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2013-06-30 唱片公司: 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: Suite for Strings - II. Gigue (弦乐团组曲 - 第二乐章 吉格舞曲) Concerto Grosso No. 2 in F Major, Op. 6: I. Vivace (科莱里:F大调第2号大协奏曲:第一乐章 活泼的) Concerto Grosso in G Minor, Op. 6/8...
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    Classical Artists1993-07-16专辑《16 Most Requested Songs Of The 1940'S, Volume II》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:16 Most Requested Songs Of The 1940'S, Volume II 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:1993-07-16 唱片公司:索尼音乐 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: On A Slow Boat To China Taking A Chance On Love Saterday Night (Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week) My Dreams Are Getting Better Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)...
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    Classical Artists2020-01-24专辑《Grands airs de contre-ténor》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Grands airs de contre-ténor 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2020-01-24 唱片公司:环球唱片 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: King arthur (Cold Song) Polisemo (Alto Giove) Serse, HWV 40, Act I: "Frondi tenere e belle" - "Ombra mai fù" Orfeo ed Euridice, Wq. 30 - Act II Scene 2: Arioso: "Che puro ciel...
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    Classical Artists2002-11-05专辑《A Tribute To Pink》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:A Tribute To Pink 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2002-11-05 唱片公司: 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: While Pink's 2000 debut was a bona fide hit, it wasn't until 2002's M!ssundaztood that the performer made the record she really wanted to make. A snarling, sexy, and often strikingly personal record...
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    Classical Artists1993-06-07专辑《An Isaac Stern Vivaldi Gala》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:An Isaac Stern Vivaldi Gala 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:1993-06-07 唱片公司:索尼音乐 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: Concerto in A minor for Two Violins and Orchestra, op. 3, No. 8 - I. Allegro (第一乐章 快板) Concerto in A minor for Two Violins and Orchestra, op. 3, No. 8 - II. Larghetto e...
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    Classical Artists2019-06-27专辑《This is Vivaldi》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:This is Vivaldi 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2019-06-27 唱片公司:Ameritz Music Ltd 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: The Four Seasons, Violin Concerto in E Major, RV 269 "Spring" The Four Seasons, Violin Concerto in E Major, RV 269 "Spring" The Four Seasons, Violin Concerto in E Major, RV 269...
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    Classical Artists2004-11-30专辑《Vivaldi - The Masterworks》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Vivaldi - The Masterworks 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2004-11-30 唱片公司: 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: Violin Concertos Op. 8 Nos. 1 - 4 "Le Quattro Stagioni" - Concerto No. 1 in E Major, Op. 8 No. 1 (RV 269) "Spring" - I. Allegro - II. Largo E Pianissimo Sempre - III. Danza Pastorale...
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    Classical Artists2008-11-30专辑《Classical Relaxation CD3》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Classical Relaxation CD3 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2008-11-30 唱片公司: 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: From Foreign Lands And People Serenade For Strings Elegie "A Little Night Music", 2nd Movement Piano Concerto No. 1, 2nd Movement The Four Seasons Andante From Winter Intermezzo From...
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    Classical Artists1994-11-17专辑《Johann Strauss: Greatest Hits》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Johann Strauss: Greatest Hits 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:1994-11-17 唱片公司:索尼音乐 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: An der schönen, blauen Donau, Op. 314 - The Blue Danube Perpetuum mobile, Op. 257 (无穷动的波尔卡,作品257) Voices of Spring, Op. 410 Die Fledermaus Overture Pizzicato Polka (拨奏波尔卡)...
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    Classical Artists2013-07-19专辑《Klassieke Muziek voor Zondagochtend》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Klassieke Muziek voor Zondagochtend 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2013-07-19 唱片公司:索尼音乐 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: Peer Gynt, Op. 23 - Morning Mood Arabesque, L. 66 No. 1 Pictures at an Exhibition - III. Tuileries - Allegro non troppo, capriccioso Pavane, Op. 50 String Quintet in E...
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    Classical Artists2011-05-17专辑《Victoria Bond Compositions》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Victoria Bond Compositions 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2011-05-17 唱片公司: 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: Dreams Of Flying Rage Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs Shenblu Other Selves Batucada Sonata For Cello And Piano
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    Classical Artists2011-03-07专辑《Choral Classics》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Choral Classics 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2011-03-07 唱片公司:索尼音乐 风格类型:CLASSICAL古典 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: Coronation Anthem No. 1, HWV. 258 - Zadok the Priest Hear my prayer (O for the wings of a dove) I Was Glad Ave verum corpus, K. 618 (圣体颂,作品618) The Lamb (羔羊) Ave Maria, D. 839 (圣母颂,作品839) O...
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    Classical Artists2017-09-17专辑《Freedom Jazz Dance》介绍,风格,曲目下载 2021-05-21

    专辑名称:Freedom Jazz Dance 演唱歌手:Classical Artists 发行时间:2017-09-17 唱片公司:Schema Records 风格类型:JAZZ爵士 专辑介绍: 曲目列表: Please Don't Leave (The Essential Mix) This Is What You Are Nefertiti Ordinary night (in a provincial town) Oriental Smile New Standards Gica's Dance Struck on Jazz Lothar